Why Become A Member of LIPA

  • Develop your Pickleball skills! The Club is dedicated to fostering player development.
  • Voting status at the annual meeting
  • Receive notification and discounts on goods and services through the Club.
  • We partner with vendors to ensure our club members can enjoy discounts on Pickleball purchases!
  • New venues! So that LIPA members have more places (time) to play.
  • Use of LIPA TeamApp and SignUp Genius
  • Balls provided for most venues
  • Social events such as round robins and seasonal parties!
  • The Club fees are very reasonable! $30 Individual and $50 Family annual membership dues.
  • Be a part of an organized group of players who are working to ensure the continued growth of the sport and the expansion of playing venues to accommodate growing numbers of Pickleball players.
  • And last but surely not least, because Pickleball is a VERY FUN way to MEET new people, MAKE new friends and get a GREAT WORKOUT all at once!

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